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Graham Lamont "Forgotten Voices of World War 1"
19 November 2018

At our final General Meeting for 2018, on Monday 19 November, Past President Graham Lamont will present a programme called “Forgotten Voices of World War 1”.

Graham will use Imperial War Museum photographs and excerpts from interviews with men who survived to describe what life in the Western Front trenches was like for the ordinary soldier. He'll provide brief details of the casualties suffered by both sides before he shows pictures of some of the beautiful memorials built in northern France, Belgium and other places to honour those who died. He’ll go on to talk about some of the many other imaginative ways in which descendants and others have chosen to remember and show gratitude.

All members are warmly invited to attend and share in this commemoration event.

Any member who has a photograph of a loved one who served overseas during the Great War - irrespective of whether the person died or survived - is welcome to add their photograph, with an identifying caption, to those that will be displayed as an In Memoriam Gallery on the special table in the Hall on 19 November. 


No club speaker Nov - Dec.